Spanish Online Courses

Spanish Online Courses

Practice Spanish in our online environment- Enjoy the flexibility/dynamic learning method/team activities all within a communication context

Cognizant of advances in technology and the opportunities for communication that Internet opens up, we believe an online environment is the perfect place for those who want to learn a language but are constrained by time, access to traditional offline courses or those who simply prefer greater convenience and flexibility when it comes to learning.

Our philosophy is based on four basic principles:

Students’ awareness of the learning process and their active involvement in it.
Boosting students’ motivation by providing them with innovative learning materials and communication tools that make learning more entertaining.
Personal follow-up by the instructor and self-assessment through interactive exercises.
Promoting social and team learning, which we believe is more effective.

Students progress through their learning via a guided sequence. This is intended to enable learners’ independence in their study, going forward and reviewing relevant contents as many times as they need. The self-assessment exercises will allow them to measure their progress, while the hands-on and team activities are to help them place what they have learned into context.

Our courses include the following types of tasks:

❏   searching for and handling information

❏   research

❏   listening comprehension

❏   reading comprehension

❏   writing and written interaction

❏   communication: speaking and verbal interaction

Our courses are organized into modules. In each module, there are goals, competences to acquire as well as contents and exercises related to each of the covered topics. Furthermore, students will also be able to partake in discussion forums, chats and blogs which they will find on the Moodle platform so they can reinforce the learned content, while working within a team or off own initiative.

Each module includes a final task with which students will be able to assess the knowledge they have gained throughout the course. All exercises are practically-oriented and guided by their instructor in order to prevent students from feeling they are being left entirely on their own.

Furthermore, students can download all course contents and print them out from the platform in order to have them at hand when taking notes or making outlines.

Communication is the major goal of our courses. In our classes, we incorporate speaking as well as listening comprehension and writing. Grammar and vocabulary are taught and learned on an on-going basis, always within a communication context.

The learning method is a dynamic one. We encourage our students to actively use the language from their very first class periods by interacting with their instructor and their classmates as well as through teamwork.

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