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I think it’s one of my best experiences

Very good approach, I think it’s one of my best experiences, I definitely took a lot of it and it is situated perfectly(well, for me at least), earns to try it for sure! Satisfied 🙂

—Valerio Syelin
Very good approach, I think it […]


I came to the Madrid Spanish Institute with the goal of working towards passing the DELE B2. After an initial evaluation, Isabel convinced me that I should instead go for C1. I didn't think I could do it, however after several months of valuable instruction, I took the exam and was able to pass. ¡Esta escuela es una de las mejores y se la recomendaría a todos!

—Andrew Beaird
I came to the Madrid Spanish I […]

Skype Classes

I’ve never thought that Skype Classes are this useful. Madrid Spanish Institute teachers are eager to help their students to speak Spanish as fast as possible, and they provide students with useful information about Spain and its culture. Madrid Spanish Institute made easy for anyone to learn Spanish. I don’t need to travel or stuck in the traffic to learn Spanish- all I need is a WiFi and a cup of coffee ☕️. Thank you MSI

—XMAN Hood
I’ve never thought that Skype  […]

Spanish lessons well organized

As a result of a recommendation I took up classes with Madrid Spanish Institute and have not looked back since. The lessons are always extremely well organized and focused on exactly what you need to know. I really like the range of material that the teachers have and their explanations are second to none. The teachers are Madrid Spanish Institute have wealth of experience which means that within a few classes they are able to quickly identify and help personalise lessons to tackle your individual weaknesses.
Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed! Read full review here

—Ed Etuk
As a result of a recommendatio […]

Very good in teaching Spanish

Very good in teaching Spanish.

—Nissim Katz
Very good in teaching Spanish. […]

Muy profesional

Escuela de español muy profesional, para cualquier perfil de estudiante.
Recomendable al 100% 🙂

—Francoise Canet
Escuela de español muy profesi […]

My Spanish has improved a lot

Isabel is an amazing teacher who makes learning fun! I've had quite a few classes with Isabel and during this time my Spanish has improved a lot. Much more than with other teachers. I highly recommend her and her school.

—Tony Robinson, MSI-Student
Isabel is an amazing teacher w […]

¡Ha sido una experiencia increible!

I worked with Isabel in the past and she is really an incredible teacher: passionate, energetic, funny, motivating, she puts all her alm into what she does and it is amazing what I learn with her. Adding to that her incredible broad general knowledge, her classes are much more than just learning how to speak Spanish (which youdefinitly will!!), but to understand the culture, modern Spanish society and mentality...muchas gracias por todo Isabel. Ha sido una experiencia increible!!!

Anne- Sophie Echtermeyer, MSI Student
I worked with Isabel in the pa […]

The best way to learn Spanish!

The best way to learn Spanish! Great preparation for the DELE exam!

Guillaume Bénard, MSI Student
The best way to learn Spanish! […]

Skype online classes

i have improved a lot my Spanish to a level that i feel confident now thanks to the custom approach based on students need. Due to my very busy schedule, i had the classes online using skype which was convenient and they were flexible as i can always reschedule on last minute. i definitely do recommend.

—Riana Andrieux
i have improved a lot my Spani […]

Great teachers

Excellent learning experience at MSI at a good price. Great teachers who explain everything clearly. Recommended.

—Geraldine O'Neill
Excellent learning experience  […]

Great classes!

Great classes! Very detailed and customizable based on individual styles of learning and interests. Isabel really tries to identify your learning style and adapts to it - making the learning experience quite fun in the process! Love the mix of different types of media and activities.

—Arabdha Sudhir

Great classes! Very detailed a […]

DELE exams

I would highly recommend Madrid Spanish Institute to anybody looking to learn Spanish, specially for those looking to pass the DELE exams or for those wishing to take classes through Skype. I am currently studying for the DELE C1 exam through Skype which I aim to pass next year. The classes are taught with the objective of preparing you for the format used in the DELE exams and in the context of topics which regularly arise as examination topics. The teachers there are friendly, professional and motivated and have improved my knowledge and confidence in Spanish.

—Andrew Fox
I would highly recommend Madri […]

Great classes

Great classes with very nice and native teachers! It was a great opportunity for learning Spanish with a high quality material.

—Juan Carlos SOLE
Great classes with very nice a […]

¡Puedo hablar como una madrileña!

Con mucho paciencia y cariño, puedo hablar español muy bien y perfectamente. Isabel es una gran profesional y me ha ayudado mucho. Después de sólo 8 meses, he mejorado muchísimo y, puedo hablar como una madrileña. Sin vergüenza y feliz.

Samantha Vottari, MSI Student
Con mucho paciencia y cariño,  […]

Great school!

Great school, I learned a lot whilst I was there. The classes were very engaging which was fun helped accelerate the learning process. I would highly recommend this school to students learning Spanish.

Harry Murphy, MSI Student
Great school, I learned a lot  […]


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